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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

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Understanding Funeral Fees

Planning ahead for your funeral is a thoughtful and practical way to alleviate financial and emotional burdens for your loved ones during a difficult time. At Bernard Kenney & Daughter Funeral Service, we offer Pre-Paid Funeral Plans designed to provide peace of mind and ensure that your final wishes are carried out with care and respect.

Why Consider a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

  1. Financial Security: Pre-paying for your funeral allows you to lock in today's prices, protecting your family from future inflation and rising costs associated with funeral services.

  2. Ease of Decision-Making: Planning your funeral in advance gives you the opportunity to make important decisions at your own pace, ensuring that your wishes are honoured and alleviating the stress and uncertainty for your family.

  3. Personalisation: With a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan, you have the flexibility to customise every aspect of your funeral, from the type of service and venue to music selections, readings and floral arrangements, ensuring that your final farewell reflects your unique personality and preferences.

For more information, please download our funeral plans brochure.

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Our Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

  1. Set Plans: We offer a range of set plans designed to meet a variety of needs and budgets, providing comprehensive coverage for funeral expenses and professional services.

  2. Personalised Plans: Our Personalised Plan allows you to tailor your funeral arrangements to your individual wishes and requirements, ensuring that every detail is precisely as you envision.


What's Included

  • Professional Services: Our Pre-Paid Funeral Plans cover all necessary arrangements, transportation and care of the deceased, ensuring that your final wishes are carried out with compassion and dignity.

  • Chapel of Rest Viewing: The option to view the deceased in our Chapel of Rest provides an opportunity for private farewells and closure for loved ones.

  • Contribution Towards Third-Party Fees: While we cannot guarantee third-party costs, our plans include a contribution towards cremation or burial fees and other necessary expenses.

How Your Funds Are Held

All pre-payment funds are securely held in an individual whole of life assurance policy, providing peace of mind that your investment is protected and managed responsibly.

Flexible Payment Options

You can choose to pay for your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan in a lump sum or through convenient instalment payments. Our flexible payment options ensure that you can find a plan that fits your financial situation and preferences.

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