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Arranging a Funeral

Guiding You Through the Process
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Arranging a funeral

Arranging a funeral can be a challenging and emotional experience, filled with uncertainty and apprehension. At Bernard Kenney & Daughter Funeral Service, we understand the importance of providing compassionate guidance and support to families during this difficult time. Our dedicated team is here to walk alongside you, offering comfort, reassurance and expert assistance as you navigate the process of honouring your loved one's memory.

Where to Begin

When a death occurs, whether at home, in a hospital or under sudden circumstances, the first steps can feel overwhelming. Rest assured, we are here to help you navigate the practical and emotional aspects of arranging a funeral with care and compassion. 

Contacting Us

Please reach out to us as soon as possible after a death occurs. Our compassionate team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including bank holidays, to provide immediate support and guidance. You can contact us by phone or visit our office in person to begin the funeral arrangement process. 

Home or Hospital

If the death occurs at home, you'll need to contact the attending doctor, who will issue a medical certificate confirming the death. If the death occurs in a hospital, the medical staff will guide you through the necessary procedures. Once the appropriate paperwork is completed, you can contact us and we will arrange for the transfer of your loved one to our care. 


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Making Decisions

Arranging a funeral involves making a series of important decisions, including the choice of venue, the style of service, and any personal touches you wish to incorporate. Our experienced team will guide you through these decisions with empathy and understanding, ensuring that every detail reflects your loved one's unique personality and preferences. 

Ceremony Options

Whether you prefer a traditional church service, a non-religious ceremony or a more intimate gathering at our Chapel of Rest, we will work closely with you to create a meaningful and memorable tribute that honours your loved one's life and legacy. We can also assist with selecting music, readings and floral arrangements to personalise the service and provide comfort to grieving family and friends.

Private Viewings

A private viewing at our Chapel of Rest can offer solace and closure to family members before the public ceremony. We understand the importance of saying a final farewell in a tranquil and intimate setting, and we will arrange a time that is convenient for you to visit and pay your respects.


Our fleet of hearses and limousines ensures that your loved one's final journey is dignified and respectful. Whether you prefer traditional transportation or a horse-drawn hearse, we will co-ordinate all forms of transport to ensure a seamless and dignified farewell.

Honouring Your Wishes

At Bernard Kenney & Daughter Funeral Service, your wishes are our top priority. We are committed to accommodating your cultural traditions, religious beliefs and personal preferences with sensitivity and respect. Our goal is to create a funeral experience that reflects the essence of your loved one's life and provides comfort and closure to all who attend.

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